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Welcome and bon appétit! Life bistro team

With the idea of offering an intimate place with a special atmosphere and a menu containing wholesome, tempting dishes and a unique wine list, we opened Life bistro.

Good cuisine blends with a relaxed atmosphere, music that is always up-to date and the service of a team that is sure to exceed your expectations.

Life bistro + bar Concept:
A pleasant environment, high quality ingredients and the best wine in the region at reasonable prices.

Fresh fish, excellent AA meats, lamb from the sierras of Rocha, Uruguay, homemade pasta and bread, salads and vegetables with herbs from our organic garden and our Chef s expert handling result in original dishes with a gourmet touch and surprising flavors which are worth discovering and enjoying.

The ingredients we use are selected for their quality, like the herbs and seasonings, first cold pressed olive oil, Dijon mustards, homemade cheese, premium grade seafood, AA filet and meats, Corriedale rack of lamb, and organic vegetables, among others.

All our wines are served at the right temperature, as we have wine coolers so that reds are served at 17 degrees and whites at 9 degrees, all day long.

We tend to the smallest detail so that all our dishes are healthy, tasty and satisfactory. Open all day until 11 PM; and until 12 PM in Summer.