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AWA boutique + design hotel

AWA boutique + design Hotel that unfolds with the height of the attributes of this avant-garde lodging concept that is fashionable in the most modern corners of the world. As well as on the Island of Sardinia, Cyprus, Seychelles, the Riviera Maya, the Costa del Sol or the South Beach, Punta del Este has its boutique and design hotel.

As it is consigned in this type of lodging the hotel combines a sophistication of level of design, atmosphere, high technology, services and personalized attention that offers its guests a unique experience.

An ideal hotel for both yearning and business trips. In the heart of the culinary circuit par excellence of Punta del Este , Shopping and beaches, so well located that everything is close.

It stands surrounded by a continuous landscape of forests that take refuge in a climate of elegance and tranquility.

Its architecture takes the references of its refreshing environment and a contemporary language that prioritizes the relationship with the exterior in the common areas and establishes a more intimate situation in the rooms. Materials such as wood, stone and water are used in large planes, prioritizing their texture and the particular shape of Punta del Este light .

The exquisite decoration of VIVAI achieves a warm and comfortable setting that invites relaxation. The designer furniture makes ready, achieve a perfect harmony with the materials used in the construction. The white, the wood, the leather and the touches of color, given by the luminaries, the paintings of the famous artist, Mario Giacoya and the natural objects, create an atmosphere full of charm that is breathed hardly entered by the wide lobby.

The warm attention of our team of attention to the final touch in this hotel that has all the attributes to satisfy the needs of the most demanding guests.