Concepto AWA

Among the best hotels in Punta del Este

Located at an equal distance from Playa Brava and Playa Mansa and just a couple of minutes from Punta Shopping Mall, Awa boutique + design Hotel is a dazzling example of the best design. Created for guests from all over the world who are looking for that special place to stay.

Awa Boutique + Design Hotel, the first boutique Hotel in Punta del Este

48 exquisitely appointed suites blend modernity with quality and coziness, the inimitable seal of the style.

Poolside restaurant, bar & deck, a world-class Chef, conference room, library, home theater, business center, Wi Fi Internet access, a modern gym and spa with massage area among other outstanding features.

AWA Hotel welcomes each guest as a VIP with the same pleasure during the four seasons of the year. The idea is that your stay becomes an experience in itself, a unique and unforgettable time.

AWA boutique and design Hotel

This hotel displays all the features of the design hotel concept, prevalent in first class tourist destinations worldwide.

AWA boutique + design Hotel offers the best of this avant-garde tendency in accommodation, which has become fashionable in the most exclusive corners of the world. Like Sardinia, Cyprus, the Seychelles, the Mayan Riviera, Costa del Sol or South Beach, Punta del Este now has its boutique and design hotel.

As required for this type of accommodation, the hotel is a sophisticated blend of design, ambiance, high technology, services and personalized attention which provides guests with a unique experience.

An ideal hotel, both for those long awaited holidays and for business trips. In the heart of the main food and wine district of Punta del Este, close to the shopping mall and the beaches, it is so well located that it is close to everything that matters.

It is surrounded by a continuous forest which creates a microclimate of elegance and peace.

The architecture takes up motifs from the environment, with a refreshing contemporary touch which enhances the relationship with the exteriors in the common areas, and establishes a more intimate atmosphere in the bedrooms. Materials like wood, stone and water are used in large planes, with emphasis on texture and on their reflection of the singular light of Punta del Este.

The superb decoration by VIVAI creates a warm and comfortable scenario that is an invitation to relax. Carefully distributed design furniture achieves perfect harmony with the construction materials. Dazzling white, soothing wood, leather and the flashes of color of the lighting and Uruguayan artist Mario Giacoya s paintings conspire to produce the atmosphere of charm that is perceived as soon as we reach the spacious lobby.

Our teams dedicated service provides the final touch to this hotel which is designed to cater to the needs of the most demanding guests.

The art of caring for detail

There are 48 suites available at AWA. In each one the priority is the lighting, an aesthetic sense, comfort and quality. Ivory colored walls and natural colored wall to wall carpets enhance the design furniture.

Next to the beds, with comfortable headrests in immaculate beige Italian material, are comfortable and weighty night tables, which like the rest of the furniture were commissioned from 6t9, a well-known Italian supplier that works exclusively in solid wood decorated with the sgrafitto technique.

On a console rests a plasma television set which may be enjoyed from the comfort of the sommier bed, especially designed by Sealy for exclusive 5 star hotels, or from the Louis Ghost chair in methacrilate, by French designer Philippe Starck.

The European lamps in silver graphite by Bertoni + provide the ideal lighting to read, write or rest.

Touches of red are supplied by the hand-woven blankets by Manos del Uruguay, completing the elegant and functional decoration of the rooms.

The magic, elegance and energy that surrounds the guests of AWA boutique + design Hotel make this hotel the choice of visitors from all over the world who are looking for that special place to stay.
An experience that you must not miss in your next trip to Punta del Este.